Advanced CGC Class (Community Canine)

Community Canine

Length: 5 weeks Location: Arundel, ME

This class will include 4 weeks of preparation and practice for the Advanced Canine Good Citizen Class (Community Canine) and the last class will be the test. We will meet each week for 1 hour at The Capable Canine and include 1 field trip session. This test is a great benchmark for people that would like to do therapy work with their dogs.

Please note– This class is ONLY open to dogs that have already completed the CGC test. If you dog has not taken the Canine Good Citizen Test please contact us for more information. 

Below you will find the test items for the AdvancedCanine Good Citizen Test. 


Advanced Canine Good Citizen (the “CGCA” title)

To earn the CGCA title, the dog must:

  1. Be registered or listed with AKC (AKC number, PAL, or AKC Canine Partners number)
  2. Already have a Canine Good Citizen award/title on record.

Dogs must pass all 10 items of the test to receive the CGCA title.

  1. Dog stands, sits or lies down and waits under control while the owner:
    • Sits at the registration table and fills out paperwork, or,
    • If the test is done in the community, dog waits while the owner sits and has a snack or visits with another person (e.g., at a park)
  2. Walks on a loose leash in a natural situation (not in a ring) — does not pull.
    • Left Turn
    • Right Turn
    • Stop
    • Fast and Slow Pace
  3. Walks on loose leash through a crowd:
    • At a show or in class, this item is tested in a real crowd, not in a ring.
    • In the community, dog walks on sidewalk, through a crowd at a community fair, park, on a trail, through a busy hallway, etc.
  4. Dog walks past distraction dogs present; does not pull.
  5. This item may be tested along with #3 if there are dogs in the crowd, etc.
    • At a show or class, dog walks by dogs waiting in the crowd–dogs 2 ft. apart.
    • In the community, dog walks by other dogs on a trail, sidewalk, in a hallway, etc.
  6. Sit-stay in small group (two other people with dogs, total of 3 people, 3 dogs in group).
  7. Dog allows person who is carrying something (backpack, computer bag, etc.) to approach and pet it.
  8. “May I pet your dog?” (Item is placed on floor/ground before the person pets the dog)
  9. “Leave it.” Dog walks by food and follows owner instructions, “Leave it.”
  10. This can be food placed by the evaluator on the floor or ground in a food dish with a wire cover as in Rally.
  11. Down or sit stay — distance (owner’s choice).
  12. Dog is on 20–ft line, owner walks away with back to dog, picks up an item (e.g., backpack, training bag, clipboard, folder etc.) placed on the floor/chair/ground by the evaluator and returns to the dog.
  13. Recall with distractions present (coming when called). Handler goes out 20–ft. **(off center) and calls dog.
  14. Dog is on the 20–ft. line from #8 above.
  15. Dog will sit or stand stay (owner’s choice) while owner enters/exits a doorway or narrow passageway. Owner calls dog through door when ready.
  16. Owner may also choose to:
    • Send the dog through first and have the dog wait for the owner, or
    • The owner may choose to have the dog go through the doorway at the owner’s side.
  17. Whichever method is used, the dog must not pull the owner and must be under good control. Think of the handler having the leash in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Doorway or gate can be real or simulated with ring gates, two chairs, or a natural passageway (e.g., entrance to trail) in the community.

FYI- Community Canine Classes fill up very quickly. We will not be able to hold your spot in a class without receiving payment within 7 days of sign up. We can not offer any refunds if you cancel within 7 days of the start date of a class or once a class begins.

Currently, we are not able to take payments through the client portal. However, payments can be made through Venmo (Jessica-Robichaud-1), Paypal or via cash/check in our drop box by the garage or by mail to The Capable Canine, 863 Alfred Rd. Arundel, ME 04046. If you are paying via cash/check be sure to include your name, contact info, dog’s name class name and start date. All payments must be received prior to attending class.

Classes will occasionally be postponed due to holidays, illness or weather. If you are unable attend due to a postponement we will do our best to find another class for you to attend.

Cost: $160

Price includes 5 classes and week 5 will be the test. This class is only open to dogs that have already completed the Canine Good Citizen Test. We will have one field trip for this class.

Upcoming Classes

Thursday, April 18th @ 6:15 PM – Jessica

Click the link below to create an account and register for class! If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at

Community Canine
Community Canine
 Class Cancellation Policy 

Class Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you wish to drop out of class we will refund you the full amount, if you inform us two weeks prior to the start of class.  If you wish to drop out of class and you inform us one week prior to the start of class, we will refund your 50%.

There are no refunds if you drop out of class with less than one weeks notice or after class has started.

Class Cancellations

If we have to cancel class for any reason, we will schedule a make up class.  We will make every effort to stay with the original class schedule, but should a make up class be require there are no refunds for make up classes that you are unable to attend.

*We cannot accept payment on the first day of class. All payments must be received prior to attending class.