Intro to Canine Nosework


Newcomers will learn about the fun and exciting sport of K9 Nose Work®.  Searching will begin with high reward treats utilizing a variety of search set-ups. Dogs will have fun hunting for treats while beginning to build context for this exciting new game of nose work.  Handlers will learn the foundational principles of K9 Nose Work® while getting to observe the magic of their dogs engaging in a natural activity that fosters mental and physical stimulation and emotional health. Length: 6 Sessions Locations: Arundel, ME

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Jeff has been involved with nose work since April 2016 after adopting JJ, a small energetic beagle who had just come over from Puerto Rico to a local humane society here in southern Maine.  It was immediately evident that JJ needed a job, one that would provide a vehicle for her to use her amazing scenting abilities. JJ prompted Jeff’s adventure into K9 Nose Work®.

Jeff and JJ earned their NW3 title in October of 2018.  Jeff’s other dogs are equally as excited about nose work.  Lola, a blind chihuahua-dachshund mix, began her nose work career with one eye, but due to glaucoma and other health concerns her remaining eye had to be removed.  Losing both eyes did not hold Lola back one bit. In addition to earning her NW1 title in March of 2018, Lola was also the recipient of the Harry Award, an award that is given to the outstanding rescue dog who embodies the essence of K9 Nose Work®.

Jeff’s love of nose work was immediate and has only continued to grow.  He began assisting with nose work classes with Certified Nose Work Instructors™.  Since that time Jeff has completed the necessary requisites to become an Associate Nose Work Instructor™ through the National Association of Canine Scent Work™.  Jeff will be completing the remaining requirements to obtain the Certified Nose Work Instructor™ designation in August 2019.

Jeff’s passion for dogs and the empowering activity of canine scent work are a perfect match.  Using only positive training techniques, Jeff’s focus is on having fun in a safe environment and bringing out the best in each dog.


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