Private Training

Thank you very much for your interest in private training. We appreciate your inquiry! This service is in high demand and we have reached our capacity for private training clients for the rest of 2021. We will not be able to meet with any new clients until January 2022. Nearly all private lessons are conducted at The Capable Canine. We only travel 15 miles from The Capable Canine and provide this service on a VERY limited basis. You may still fill out a form to get on our waiting list. Please be aware it may take us at least a week or longer to respond to your message. We are not taking any aggression cases at this time.

We offer private sessions at a rate of $95 per hour at The Capable Canine or $125 for in home visits.

Common Behaviors Addressed

Potty Training
Barking/lunging at other dogs
Jumping up

Counter Surfing
Pulling On Leash
Barking at stimuli

Not Coming When Called
Guarding Food or Possessions
Counter Surfing