Group Training

Be on the look out for 2 new programs we will be adding soon!

Check back to find out when we will be starting our Drop in Puppy Program on Monday evenings. As well as our Puppy Day School! Stay tuned for more information!

Puppy Class

Length: 5 weeks Location: Arundel, ME

Dogs from 8 to 18 weeks of age Get your pup started on the right track. We will touch upon the basics such as sit, down, come, loose leash walking. Plus, we help you with potty training, socialization, handling, chewing, biting and much more. Classes run for 1 hour for 5 weeks. The dates listed below are the first day of class. Classes run at the same day/time for the 5 weeks.  Week 1 is a human-only orientation.

Puppy Drop in Program

Location: Arundel, ME

Designed for dogs 8 to 24 weeks ONLY. Payment is required immediately after registration. You may contact us directly to pay via Venmo Jessica-Robichaud-1 or other form of payment.

Beginner Class

Length: 6 weeks Location: Arundel, ME

We will learn basic behaviors such as sit, down, wait, come, stay, leave it, go to your bed/mat, loose leash walking and much more. This class is the perfect next step after puppy class or a great place to begin training with your dog. All dogs welcome over 18 weeks of age. Classes run for 1 hour each week for 6 weeks. Week 1 will be a human-only orientation.

FYI- Classes fill up very quickly. We will not be able to hold your spot in a class without receiving payment within 7 days of sign up. We can not offer any refunds if you cancel within 7 days of the start date of a class or once a class begins.

Intermediate Class – Level 1

Length: 5 weeks Location: Arundel, ME

In this class we will refine some of the skills learned in Beginner. We will focus on emergency cues, adding distance and duration to behaviors such as stay, wait, come and go to bed. We will work more on loose leash walking, recalls and much more. This class has a prerequisite of Beginner, Fast Track, Semi-Private, or Private Training.

Intermediate Class – Level 2

Length: 5 weeks Location: Arundel, ME

This class will focus on more advanced loose leash walking skills and heel work. We will also continue working on off leash reliability, increasing duration and distractions with stay, wait, leave it, go to bed/mate and come/here. We will also start work toward Canine Good Citizen certification. We will also do a field trip on week 3 or 4. This class has a prerequisite of Beginner/Fast Track and Intermediate Level 1.

Advanced Class

Length: 5 weeks Location: Arundel, ME

This class will bring your dog’s training to a higher level. In this class, we will work your dog’s emergency cues such as wait and stay with greater distance, duration and distractions. We will begin to add distances of up to 12 feet on all cues. We will continue attention and heel work and introduce off leash work using long lines. We will work inside and outside. Each class will have the option of taking a field trip to another location to practice skills in another setting.

Nosework/Obstacle Fun Class

Location: Arundel, ME

Looking for something fun to do with your dog this summer? This 3 week Nosework for Fun and Obstacle class is an excellent way to stimulate your dog! This class will include tons of sniffing fun and plenty of time for obstacles such as the peanut, the cloud, platforms, ladders, jumps, etc.

Rocket Recall

Length: 3 weeks Location: Arundel, ME

The recall (having your dog come back to you) can be a complicated behavior but VERY essential as it could save your dog’s life. If you are struggling with your dog’s recall or perhaps you just want to fine tune it, this class will be great for you. Using a variety of distractions, sets ups and games this game will be not only fun but extremely important.

You must have taken a beginner class at least to join this class.

Beginner/Puppy Training Semi-Private Class

Length: 4 weeks Location: Arundel, ME

This class will cover the basics of a beginner or puppy class in 4 weeks with only one other dog. We will cover attention, name recognition, targeting, loose leash walking, come when called, stay, wait, leave it and mat work and much more. This class will meet for 4 weeks and will run 60 minutes. The dates listed are the first day of class and subsequent classes will run at the same day/time for the remaining weeks.

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Prep Class

Location: Arundel, ME

This class prepares students with four weeks of instruction to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. Week 5 will be the test. The American Kennel Club offers a certification open to all dogs (pure and mixed breed) to recognize the efforts of dog owners who have made a commitment to training. The Canine Good Citizen certificate is granted to those dogs who can perform all 10 of the items on the CGC test. All dogs that pass the CGC test can receive a certificate from the AKC. This class is also ideal for anyone with the goal of doing therapy work with their dog. You’ll learn what is required of a therapy team and become familiar with the certification process.

Out and About – Field Trip Class

Length: 2 weeks Location: Biddeford/Saco Area

This class is a great place to work your dog in difference locations. Each week we will visit a new location in the Biddeford/Saco area and practice loose leash walking, stay, wait, polite greetings, etc. All dogs must have completed Beginner, Intermediate 1 or other formal training to take this course. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about your dog’s eligibility in this class.

Advanced CGC Class (Community Canine)

Location: Arundel, ME

This class will include 4 weeks of preparation and practice for the Advanced Canine Good Citizen Class (Community Canine). We will meet each week for 1 hour at The Capable Canine and include 1 field trip session. This test is a great benchmark for people that would like to do therapy work with their dogs.

Please note– This class is ONLY open to dogs that have already completed the CGC test. If you dog has not taken the Canine Good Citizen Test please contact us for more information.