Day School

The Day School Program is Currently FILLED. Stay tuned for further updates!

Day School
This service runs from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and provides a safe environment for client’s to leave their dogs while they are at work. The 11990519_10153671331844783_757379883415076435_nservice is similar to daycare but with so much more included. Day School reinforces basic manners such as sit, stay, wait, come, loose leash walking, eye contact, name response, mat/station work, appropriate play with dogs and humans. We provide daily mental stimulation games, and continuously develop impulse control. Each day includes play with other dogs inside and outside and a rest time. It is an expectation, that all owners reinforce the behaviors that are taught do their dogs in the day school program and will be asked to sign a statement that they will do their best to continue working with their dogs as instructed by the trainer.

Our program is very small and can only accommodate a small number of dogs. Dogs are supervised at ALL times. We do not rely on cameras to supervise dogs. We understand that dog body language is complex and nuanced. Our staff is trained to read and watch subtle body language changes so we can minimize stress and minimize the likelihood of problems arising. We have a through understanding of canine behavior and communication which sets us apart from other facilities.

The Day School schedule changes on a daily basis. Please see below for potential schedule of classes. Preference is given to former or current clients and their dogs.

If you’re interested in signing up for Day School please fill out the Day School registration form below.

Thursday – JustFun!
All dogs over 22 weeks that are accepted into the program are invited to participate this day. This is a mixed social class. Due to space constraints, we can only accommodate 5 dogs total. The cost of this class is $35 a day starting June 1st for current enrollees and $38 for dogs starting after June 1st.

All potential clients are required to fill out a detailed questionnaire about the dog prior to being accepted into our day school program. 11255259_10153410228369783_7590643803917482492_nPreference will be given to students that have completed 2 or more classes a The Capable Canine.

Dogs that have any history of serious aggression and or a bite history beyond a level 2 bite will not be accepted into the program. Potential clients will be invited to bring their dog for an interview. Interviews are done on Wednesdays and some select Fridays. After the interview, they will be on a probational period of 1 month until he/she is fully accepted into the program. Dogs do not necessarily need to be spayed/neutered to be accepted and each case will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Dogs in heat must refrain from daycare. Dogs will be permitted back into the program on a case by case basis. Not all dogs are suitable for daycare and we reserve the right to refuse admission or to expel a dog from our school.  Dogs will be required to wear breakaway collars to prevent strangulation while attending class. Owners can purchase them from The Capable Canine or supply their own.

All dogs are required to be up to date on their rabies vaccination as required by law. Clients may defer to their veterinarian recommendations for additional vaccinations. It is strongly recommended that dogs be protected from kennel cough, distemper and parvovirus. Dogs need to have some type of flea and or tick preventative. Clients need to provide a clear fecal test prior to their dog being accepted into the program. Any dogs showing illness or fleas will be immediately quarantined and need to be picked up immediately.

KlimbtablesEmergency Preparedness
Each instructor at The Capable Canine holds a Canine CPR certification with instruction on emergency resuscitation. An emergency bag will accompany each instructor while in the outside play area including clients phone numbers, vet information, first aid kit, spray deterrent in case of fights, a break stick, air horn, slip leads, collars, etc. The Capable Canine provides required break-away collars while at our facility to prevent strangulation. In case of fire all dogs will be lead to the barn for safe holding. The Capable Canine will have a local vet that will be available to assist for any serious dog injuries.

Facility Description and Plan
Our programs are offered in a home-based setting located at 863 Alfred Rd. in Arundel. The house sits about 500 feet from RT. 111. Our services are provided in a separate finished area of roughly 800 sq. feet with 2 designated entrances solely for use of The Capable Canine. The space offers a full bathroom, inside training room, outside play area and quiet room. It is fully fenced in at both entrances and double gated at the front entrance. The indoor area offers a small reception area that is gated off from the main training room. This gives dogs time to acclimate before being directly introduced to the other dogs in the play area. The training room will have enrichment activities for students that will be changed on a weekly or daily basis.

FlooringJR 6 wm
The indoor training room floor is entirely covered by rubber mats. The mats are easily cleaned highly durable, and provide excellent traction even when wet. In addition, their non-porous design is resistant to bacteria and germs. Recycled mat flooring is anti-fatigue and offers anti fatigue protection for both dogs and humans alike. These mats will lessen the chances of injury due to slips, falls, and are gentle on dog’s joints and foot pads.

Outside Play Area and Fencing
The entrance way is double-gated and fully fenced in to provide extra security for clients. Our outside play area is 40 x 15 and will consist of 6 foot white vinyl partitions in the front and 6 foot black chain link on the side and back. It is reinforced with PCV piping. We will have outdoor play equipment and planned activities for mental and physical stimulation.

Quiet Room
The quiet room provides much needed down time for dogs in their own private area. Many facilities pride themselves in offering “cageless” boarding however, cageless boarding has many downfalls. Not allowing dogs to adequately rest and recharge their bodies and brains can lead to frustration, aggression, bullying, injuries, fear and conflict. Having a required daily rest time of about 90 minutes creates a more harmonious group of dogs. Each dog is provided with a mental stimulation toy everyday at rest time.

Ready to sign up?! Excellent! You will need to fill out the application and indicate when you would like your dog to start. We will contact you once the application is reviewed. Since our program is very small, we require reservations for a specific day through email. Eventually, this will be done directly on the website. Payment must be made up front to reserve your dog’s spot in the class. We take payments through Venmo, Paypal Check or cash.